Iconic New Zealand burger restuarant brand, Burger Fuel came to us with a challenge. Their current business was going gangbusters in the premium burger market - high-end ingredients and high-end prices had helped them become one of the biggest brands in the country. With all this momentum and a solid base of corporate knowledge, they had spotted an opportunity to create a whole new brand down the less premium, eat-on-the-run end of the market, but they needed a name that would not dilute the strength of their Burger Fuel brand. It also needed to help people ‘get’ that they were a fast and fun food alternative. We worked
with their marketing team over a three-month period, sending lists of options back and
forward across the Tasman, helping them frame their needs and focus their message into

two simple words - Shake Out, the brand that’s now shaking up the takeaway food landscape in New Zealand.