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The Reactor Studio Photography X Max Doyle

Welcome to The Reactor

We are an independent advertising, design and creative agency that builds brands, makes ads and helps your business win. For over 15 years we have been working with incredible brands across a huge range of categories including fashion, finance, FMCG, skincare, sports, education, industry, travel and food & beverage.

How are we different? Well, we start at the same place with all our brands - the end result. We want to know “what does a win look like for you?". Then we plan for that, create for that, publish for that and measure for that, ensuring every aspect of your brand is driving towards that win.

1. Brand strategy built with your people

Your people know their stuff. It's why we make them the centre of our strategic process. They usually know everything we need to know to create your brand, from They know your target markets, your competitors, what you're good at and what needs improving. They also know what a win looks like. We distil all that into the brief for your brand that they not only understand - they help to build it.

2. Creative and strategy are aligned

Because we spend the time to get the brief right, we know what your win looks like and our brief gives us signposts on how to get you there. It makes creative development and production much faster, which also saves you money and time. 

3. Keeping it in-house keeps in simple

Many hands make light work, but many stakeholders make too many meetings. It's why we keep it mostly in-house. One direct contact for you and inhouse services only a desk away for us. Services include:

Graphic Design, Still Photography & Motion, Digital Advertising, SEO, Social Media, TV scripts & shoots, radio spots & outdoor ads.

4. Data keeps us accountable

If you can't count it, does it even count? You'll only know you're winning when your bottom line's expanding, but there are steps along the path to track what's effective and what needs work. And we count it all, milking it for insights to inform the next brief.

Our Experience


The Reactor, part of The Reactor Group

Big agencies have incredible resources at their fingertips but are slow to respond and expensive to deal with. Small agencies are nimble and affordable, but don't provide a full solution, so inevitably additional suppliers are added into the mix, leading to disconnect and finger pointing.


This is why we created The Reactor Group, providing you with a big agency solution when needed, but in the nimble, affordable way you can only get with small independents. Made up of four independent businesses that all work out of the same Cremorne office, The Reactor Group is a symbiotic amalgam that can be as big or small as you need us to be, across Strategy, Creative, Digital, PR, Media Buying and Production. If you need the full service experience, we have what you need. If you only want ti use aspects, thats fine with us. Or, if you already have Digital, Public Relations or even Shoot & Edit partners we are well equiped to work with them as an extension of us or an extension of them - whatever helps you win.

Want to find out more? Contact Us.

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