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The Family Man by Movember

The team at Movember decided to evolve from just being a fundraiser for men’s health programs and become a funder of men’s health research and services in their own right. One of the first programs to benefit from this evolution is a service that has been built on research that shows there are significant positive health outcomes for men who are fully engaged in parenting their children. 

The Reactor Creative, Advertising & Design_Movember_Family_Man_Logo

The Family Man by Movember

Movember came to us in need of a brand that could promote this service while still working within the architecture of the overall parent brand. Working with their team, plus a number of stakeholders across Movember’s global footprint, we developed their new name, look and feel and humorously empathetic tone of voice and campaign direction that let’s all parents - and especially Dads - know that Family Man gets what they’re going through and can help them navigate difficult behaviour in their children using love and togetherness.

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The Reactor Creative, Advertising & Design_Movember_Family_Man_Poster
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