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Honest Eggs

Most people choose their eggs in the supermarket aisle based on being ethical. The problem is, they have no idea what ethical is and the term “free range” has been hijacked by producers who can have a surprising number of hens in quite a small area. Government regulations might allow high density producers to claim “free range”, but those same regulations also require them to put on the box how many hens they have per hectare. Now, people might not know what a hectare is (it’s a 100 metres squared), but they can certainly tell the difference between 10,000 hens and 30 hens. Which is why our boxes strip away all the other information and simply say “only 30 hens per hectare”. And it’s worked. Sales have soared 300% with many stores selling out every week.

The Reactor Creative, Advertising & Design_Honest_Eggs_Packaging
The Reactor Creative, Advertising & Design_Honest_Eggs_Egg
The Reactor Creative, Advertising & Design_Honest_Eggs_Poster
The Reactor Creative, Advertising & Design_Honest_Eggs_Packaging
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